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SeaWire RouDem

1.195 EUR

  • Extended range, giving a stable and fast internet connection at the edge of the mobile network coverage
  • An auto-rotating, directional antenna augmented with an omnidirectional antenna that enables continuous internet connection whilst shifting between operator towers
  • Integrated antenna and modem that avoids loss in cables
  • Integrated WiFi router giving a 300m range
  • Integrated 4,400mAh battery giving over 8 hours operation
  • Marine Grade, Plug n’ play solution
  • Web based user interface for configuration and maintenance
  • Diameter: Ø335mm
  • Height without/with bracket: 80mm/160mm
  • Weight without/with bracket: 2.1 kg/1.8 kg
  • IP rating: IPX6
  • Temperature operational/storage: -20°C ̴ +80°C/-40°C ̴ +85°C
  • Directional antenna: 3-10 dBi (800-2700 MHz)
  • Omnidirectional antenna: 3-4.5 dBi (800-2700 MHz)
  • 4G-LTE: CAT6, 2xCA, 2x2 MIMO, VoLTE
  • Max. Datarate: 300Mbps
  • Power input: Passive PoE 22-48V, Max. 0.5A
  • Power supply input: 100-240V
  • Download datasheet for full documentation.

  • 1x SeaWire RouDem
  • 1x Mounting Bracket
  • 1x PoE adapter
  • 2x Keys (1x Unbraco 4, 1x Torx 10)
  • 5x Screws
  • 1x User Guide
  • 1x Privacy Ploicy


To receive data via SeaWire RouDem you must have a subscription with a data provider. We offer our GlobalWire solution. GlobalWire is a service designed for high data usage customers. It provides a low-cost solution for global mobile data services that demand broadband connections.

  • GlobalWire (global edition)
  • GlobalWire (EU edition)
  • The package content DOES NOT include cables. To install SeaWire RouDem one must follow these cable specifications when purchasing cables for installation:

    Network cable type CAT6 or above, UV- and water resistant, double shielded, grounded
    Connector 1 RJ45 (male)
    Connector 2 RJ45 (male)
    Length The length of the cable depends on the location for installment. Download the System Configuration below to get an overview. In the System Configuration section, you will find an overview of the set up.

    Depending on the vessel mounting accessories can vary. The mounting should take place at the highest spot possible and where possible with a good all-round view with distance to other radiocommunication systems. possible with a good all-round view with distance to other radiocommunication systems. The Mounting Bracket interfaces to a pole of Ø38mm/1.5” (outer diameter).


    The SeaWire RouDem is a maritime antenna integrated with a modem to avoid loss in cables. The SeaWire RouDem is designed for professional use but can also be used for the leisure market.

    The SeaWire RouDem can be used as the primary internet connection on vessels covering crucial business data sharing, entertainment, and crew well-being.

    The SeaWire RouDem is a single unit configuration where the antenna automatically shifts between operator towers, selecting the one with the highest data speed.

    The product is designed for installation above deck on a Ø38mm pole. It includes a PoE adapter which has an extra port that is reserved for LAN connection. This adapter needs powering below deck.

    The SeaWire RouDem is a multi-layered hardware design with unique technical and practical functions for optimal use at the limit of the mobile network coverage at sea. The SeaWire RouDem is built in four parts to ensure max performance in a demanding environment:

    1. The mounting bracket with a pre-assembled waterproof cable gland and pinol screws for tightening on a Ø38mm pole.
    2. The bottom part with micro-SIM slot and Ethernet input.
    3. The rotating part that points the directional antenna in the direction of the best operator tower and converts the mobile signal in the most optimal way via the integrated antenna and modem design.
    4. The top part that consists of a transparent and a solid shell, to avoid overheating from the sun and ensure resistance for all kinds of weather.

    All hardware is embedded in an IPX6 hermetically closed case, and all the internal components are industrial grade to withstand operational temperatures -20°C   ̴ +80°C.


    1. Insert the micro-SIM in the slot

    2. Push the cable through the cable gland

    3. Insert the Ethernet cable in the Ethernet RJ45 port

    4. Affix the mounting bracket to the RouDem

    5. Tighten the mounting bracket to a Ø38mm pole

    6. Connect the Ethernet cable from the RouDem to the PoE port of the PoE adapter